Use and Care


The Zen Office™ is a combination of the Peace Bench™ (smaller unit) and Tilt Seat™.

The whole thing can be taken apart in seconds using an ingenious mortise and tenon system reminescent of a Japanese puzzle.

This furniture is not designed for weather. Do not leave in the rain. You can take it outdoors on a nice day though.

Wipe any spills with a damp cloth.

Choosing a size:

* Small 19.5 inches tall in front generally fits people under 5’4″

* Medium 20.5 inches tall in front generally fits people 5’4″ to 6 feet tall

* Large 21.5 inches tall in front generally fits people over 6′

 Portability Factor:

The Zen Office™ can be placed in a duffle bag or packed in a suitcase that is at least 22 inches long. Seat measures 10″x20″. The entire product weighs about 14 pounds.


A Tilt Seat™ padded cushion or Peace Bench™ padded cushion will add one inch to the height–so if you are going to use a cushion, factor that in when deciding which size to get. Most people don’t use a cushion, but you should know if you need one based on previous experience with sitting on chairs.

The Yoga Pad is a nice alternative to provide some padding but more minimalist.