Zen Office™–Barefoot Office Kit #1

I received my Zen Office™ today and was amazed by how something so simple made such a difference in my posture, breathing, and overall comfort. I’m a bit on the heavy side and found the sky position to be the most effective and comfortable for my body type when using the Peace Bench™. As for the Tilt Seat™, it’s equally comfortable to sit on when I’m not using it as a laptop desk. I plan to take the Tilt Seat™ to work with me and banish my uncomfortable office chair to the storage closet!


“I never do impulse buying. But one sit on the Tilt Seat™ and I had to have one right away”
Michelle Payton


I had lived with chronic back pain for twenty-five years. This pain has awakened me every single night since its inception when I was nineteen years old. I am now forty-four.

I have used inversion tables, physical therapy, stretching (which I still do), yoga (which I still do), special exercises (which I still do), hypnosis for pain, a variety of chiropractors and massage therapists, and even seening accredited “healers” in hopes of getting something more than slight transient relief of this chronic pain.

Within two hours of my first usage of the tilt chair and peace bench, I noticed a gradual relieving of the constant strained feeling in my lower back! By the time the first two hours were up, I reported 80% to 90% relief of all back pain and soreness, shoulder stiffness and soreness, and 80% relief of neck soreness, aching and stiffness.

I then tried a few gentle stretches, and my range of motion was increased! That night, after using the tilt chair and having my peace bench on my desk to hold my computer keyboard, I slept FOR THE FIRST ENTIRE NIGHT WITHOUT PAIN SINCE I WAS NINETEEN! I am amazed.

I am so grateful to Carolina Morning and Patrick (the designer) for these wonderful items. They are not advertised as miracle furnishings, but to me they are. I never expected anything like this. I have had no recurring back or neck pain since using the tilt chair and peace bench! I meditate with greater ease using the peace bench. My posture has improved. I feel much more energy! Feelings of fatigue and tension have dropped tremendously, since I don’t wake up in pain and discomfort anymore! I am done with putting chiropractor’s kids through graduate school, and I am tired of making mortgage payments for every so-called “healer” who has claimed they could help my back. I plan to be buried with my tilt chair and peace bench, cause I’m taking them with me forever! With my eternal gratitude,

Wilella Nelson, B.A., B.S.N., R.N.


Having used a gamut of seating situations for computer work…I can say with confidence I will never need another desk besides the Zen Office™.  Since it breaks down to two small packages, with no tools required, I can take it anywhere, and whenever I get tired in one position, I can quickly move to another.”
Pursa Zula


The Zen Office™ has truly been the missing piece of the puzzle, not only has it improved my life, but I use for teaching and coaching Combat Wounded Veterans. Your products truly improve lives!”
Elijah Sacra
USMC Veteran Founder-Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness


As an editor, I sit all day. I didn’t think twice about it until I tried the Zen Office™ and wow, did that ever improve my quality of life! If you need to spend most of your  time sitting, this is the answer.”
Roberta Binder


EcoBackrest™–Barefoot Office Toolkit #2

This chair is absolutely amazing! My brother was the first to purchase one and found it to be the ultimate. I was so impressed by his I was forced to buy one later. Love mine too!

The Nook Fan


The EcoBackrest™ became an excellent tool to help educate my body on what exactly were beneficial positions of ease while relaxing.  After the ‘right’ amount of lounge sitting, my body would be ready to get up and move again. It is also holding up well to much use.

Laura Sobel
Kirkland, WA


I bought your EcoBackrest™ set because since I’ve started working  form home, I’ve been switching positions at least a few times per day…but I’m finding that the ways I’m sitting and laying are far from healthy! I tried to rig up something like it with pillows I had around the house–but they just didn’t cut it. I also want something that I can move from bed to office floor and back easily. I’m super excited to put this to good use. Thanks so much!
Carolyn Eilola
St. Regis Falls, NY