Barefoot Office Kit #2–EcoBackrest™



A personal Relaxation Station…that’s the idea behind this amazing floor or bed lounge chair. It is actually designed to put you into a meditative state, as in Shivasana or Restorative Yoga.


And for hanging with friends.

The EcoBackrest™ helps you feel a sense of weightlessness or zero gravity. You restore your energy even without taking a nap. You can easily reach those creative inspiring alpha and theta brainwaves . When your body wants to lay down, but you are also needing to work, this is a lifesaver. Bliss out!

Based on NASA test results, ergonomic chairs such as the tinyhouselivingroomEcoBackrest™ offer several range-of-motion positions, and supports for the head, neck and back. This versatile lounge chair provides gentle, passive vertebrae stretching to relieve pressure on nerves and backs. It accommodates face-up or face-down positions. Although it is generally used as an everyday lounge chair  it is also recommended for back patients and post-surgery comfort. The Ecobackrest™ is loved by doctors and chiropractors alike for preventative as well as rehabilatative purposes..

lay down work station

You can even lay on your tummy!

Reviewed on as one of the top five recommended lounge chairs on the market.



  • Five adjustable angles
  • Comes apart for easy carrying (It’s modular)
  • Constructed from organic cotton stuffed with eco friendly kapok fiber. Frame made of non-toxic MDF and chemical free finish containing EM™ ceramic powder and amethyst gemstone powder for calming effects
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow and neck pillow
  • Choose from six rich colors: Natural, Indigo, Cinnimon, Lavender, Moss, and Pumpkin
  • Fits people of all sizes


  1. Optional Armrests for support when typing
    $60 inflatable/ $100 kapok filled
  2. Optional Removable Cover for easy cleaning $35
  3. Desk for holding laptop called the Tilt Seat™ $187